Business Department Manager

With more than three years of work experience, strong communication skills and team coordination, the interview needs to provide a personal resume. 

Post duties

  • market research and demand analysis.
  • forecast annual sales projections, targets for annual sales goals, goals and breakdown.
  • determine the target target system and sales quota.
  • Set a sales plan and a sales budget.
  • manage the channels and clients.
  • build a sales team, train salespeople.
  • build sales teams, and build sales teams. 

Tenure-track qualifications

  • professional and above, marketing, etc.
  • years of experience in sales, and sales managers who have a sales experience.
  • have rich customer resources and customer relationships, performance is good.
  • better market analysis, marketing, promotion capability and good interpersonal communication, coordination, analysis and ability to solve problems.
  • have a strong business heart with a certain leadership.