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The incredible wife

Additional Info

  • Years:  2011
  • Type:  Comedy
  • Length:  45 Mins x 27 episode.
  • Main actors:  Ruengsak Loychusak,Namthip Jongratchataviboon,Ornjira Leamwilai,
  • Director:  Runya Siranon


Kaewta Munjairuk, a perky country girl, lives happily with her nice husband, Wanchai. Kaewta secures a job in a spa owned by a hi-so girl, Wikanda Kungwanklai. Wikanda suspects her womanizer husband, Apiwat, so she hires a private detective to spy him. Realizing that Apiwat is taking a girl to a hotel, Wikanda decides to drive there to take care of the matter, accompanied by Kaewta. While Wikanda is pursuing Apiwat in a car chase, her car crashes into a big truck. Both Wikanda and Kaewta then become unconscious.

When both girls regain consciousness at the hospital, they find out that their souls have been switched. Wikanda tries every means possible to get back into her own body, so people think she is crazy. Wanchai then has to take Wikanda, in Kaewta’s body, to his home. Meanwhile, Kaewta in Wikanda’s body suffers temporary amnesia. Therefore, Apiwat seizes the opportunity to take her home and then make her take a hallucinating drug, hoping to continue sucking her dry financially.

Wikanda sneaks into her own house and finds Apiwat making out with Saisawat, her secretary. Though very angry with Saisawat’s betrayal, Wikanda cannot do anything because she is stuck in Kaewta’s body. So, she secretly collects all the financial documents and runs away. Wikanda devises a plan that let Kaewta hire her to be a maid. They help each other in order to catch Apiwat in the act and use it as a cause for divorce. Worried about his wife, Wanchai asks to stay with her also.

Wikanda asks Wanchai to steal the evidence of embezzlement hidden by Apiwat; however, Apiwat finds out and shots Wanchai with a gun. Kaewta jumps to take the bullet and is shot. She is afraid that she may not survive, so she decides to tell Wanchai the truth that Wikanda’s souls and hers have been switched. Wanchai is shocked to learn that what he has been suspecting becomes a reality. When Kaewta recovers, Wanchai takes her and Wikanda to perform a soul-switching rite. Saisawat learns of the matter, so she tells Apiwat. However, Apiwat mistakenly believes that Wikanda may be having an affair with Wanchai, so he follows them to collect the evidence for filing for divorce. Nevertheless, upon finding that both the girls’ souls have been switched, he kidnaps Kaewta and bargains her life with Wikanda signing a contract that makes him inherit everything.

Wikanda won’t consent to Apiwat’s desire. They have a fight, and Wikanda is brutally hurt by Apiwat. Kaewta takes the chance while he is unaware, and takes Wikanda away in a car. Due to the hurry, Kaewta carelessly crashes her car to a big truck that comes in her way. Both Wikanda and Kaewta become unconscious. Arriving at the scene, Apiwat then thinks of getting rid of them. However, Wanchai reaches the scene with the police to arrest Apiwat in time. Both Kaewta and Wikanda then are taken to the hospital. Will the souls of Wikanda and Kaewta be able to return to their own bodies? Find out for yourselves in “The incredible wife”

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