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Love Before Sunset

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  • Years:  2009-2010
  • Type:  Love, Drama
  • Length:  45 Min x 30 Ep.
  • Main actors:  Son Songpaisarn Panwarot Duayseankao
  • Director:  Nipol Pewnen


It is time to passionately enjoy the return of the highest-rating romantic drama in past 10 years. Now it is back in all brand new production with hottest casts for the moment. The most romantic action drama of the year, “Love before Sunset”.

When love relationship happens with the royal and high responsibility comes along, to cease the time is the only way to make their loves last..

It is a story of a love which happens not in the right time between an ordinary man and a charming princess. “Princess Naputsaravadee”, a stubborn, self-centered, charming princess of See-karin country and “Namqiao”, a courageous, prudent and handsome Thai bodyguard. Because of the insecurity of government in See-karin, Princess Naputsaravadee immigrated to Thailand for safety reason. It is here where she has met her personal bodyguard, “Namqiao”. The two have only two parallel lines which do not intersect, and often have a fight since the beginning. With the danger they have been through, both gradually became close. However, she is his boss, the two can only be a master-servant relationship, there must not be a love.

Still, the kinds of feelings are gradually allowed two free hearts together, she was accustomed to his protection, and he was used to her dependence. Love was supposed to be this path. Nevertheless, “Namqiao” has acknowledged the truth that she actually a royal princess not just a normal independent girl anyone could fall in love with. What is he going to deal with his feeling inside..??

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