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Fearless love

Additional Info

  • Years:  2011
  • Type:  Action, Drama
  • Length:  45 MIns x 24 Episode.
  • Main actors:  Ratchanon Subhakorb, Wannaroot Sonthichai
  • Director:  Siriwit Upbhakarn


For many years that Accanee the detective try to find Kim whom is his twin. And captain Phadet , Accanee ‘s close friend has found Kim’s dead body. He was shot in the country side farm.

Kim has work for Mr.Nab Jitroong the business man whom has a dark business behind. Mr.Nab doesn’t like the relation between Kim and Nuchkarnda ( Mr.Nab’s daughter) Mr.Nab ordered him to take 20million baht to receive a drug from Bang Borapet. Kim steal 5million and lose in gambling. But Bang know that, he ordered underling to kill Kim and leave him at Uncle Tiger’s farm. Mhan has found the dead body (Uncle Tiger’s niece)

Accanee try to reach the truth by disguise in Uncle Tiger’s Farm and meet Mhan. She was shock because Accanee look very likes with the dead body which is found in the farm. But Accanee pretend that didn’t know Kim that’s make Mhan suspect and try to know the truth. That’s make them closer. Accanee get to work in Bang’s farm and Mhan doesn’t like because Barnchuen, Bang’s daughter.

While Phadet search the fact from Nuchkarnda that make them more closer and interested to each other. Mr.Nab was play politics and pulling Soravit to drug business. He also use Soravit to interrupt Phadet with Nuchkarnda. Accanee get trust from Barnchuen, she let Accanee to send a drug to Soravit. But Soravit want Accanee take him to see Bang, Accanee accepted. Accanee go to Phadet’s house and meet Phada(Phadet’s older sister) Phada saw Mhan picture and think she is her daughter. She was steal by her husband and Accanee will help.

Accanee go back to farm and make an appoint Soravit to meet Bang about dark business. But Mr.Nab come to interrupt and declare that he is a master and ordered Bang to kill Soravit same as Kim. That’s make Accanee know the fact……… What will happen next? What will Accanee and Phadet do ? How about the love between Accanee and Mhan? ……

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