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Dolphin Boyz

Additional Info

  • Years:  2011
  • Type:  Comedy, Love, Drama
  • Length:  38 Mins x 26 Episode
  • Main actors:  Tony Larkkean , Neungthida Sophon
  • Director:  Bandit Tongdee


This is the latest of Thai TV serial about the rivalry between 2 swimming

Clubs at a university: University Swimming Club and the Dolphin Club.

“Zee”(Noona –Neungthida Sophon) is a Year one University student who does not seems to have much luck in joining the University Swimming Club but she join the Dolphin Club. Some students who can swim well but were not allowed joining the University Swimming Club, so they too, decide to join Dolphin Club.

Now, “Zee” met a second year senior student, “Chell ”(Tony Larkkean) who is a member of the Dolphin Club who is a dissipated and lazy guy. Chell and his 2 club members were at the swimming pool but students were not allowed to swim as the University Swimming Club members like to bully them and did not allow the new ones to swim in it. During the University orientation day, Kenji” (Deaw Suriyan Arunwattanakul) who is a Year 3 senior University Student and also the University Swimming Club President abuse his powers by bullying 3 new enrolled university students : “Matt”(Mouse- B.O.Y ) “Ten” (Jame B.O.Y) “Yuan” (Wave KuBeiZhong), so, Zee invited the 3 of them to join Dolphin Club.

The University conducts an annual Fresh Sports Games and the University Swimming Club always participates in it and usually provides the fun and entertainment to the games and Dolphin Club always was the joke of the games. However, this year Dolphin Club have got good swimmers and University Swimming Club was a disaster which makes Kenji very disappointed and embarrassed that he was thinking of closing the Dolphin Club.

Zee has been doing some research of the Dolphin Club and found out that the Club was established 30 years ago by the University administration committee. She tried to save the Dolphin Club from closing. She tried to negotiate with the committee to allow the Club to participate in some tournaments that University Swimming club doesn’t join, so that it can compete with the list of renowned universities.

Matt managed to find out some background of Chell to better understand why he has such bad moods and does not wish to swim. In the past, Chell was studied and used to have a girlfriend in the United States. When Chell found out that his girlfriend had another foreign guy, Chell beat up that guy and was arrested, He was sent back to Thailand and after that bad experience, he had not interest in swimming anymore. Matt came from a poor family and because his father was sick, so Matt has to join some illegal and underground swimming competition to make some money. In the course of doing so, he found out that though there were wins and losses at these competitions, he suspected that there were cheatings in these competitions. He tried to find out more and he was beaten up by the organizers of these competitions. Later Matt was rescued and saved by Chell and they became good friends. Matt has been encouraging Chell to return to proper swimming for the Dophlin Club and to put the Club in a winning streak. How will Zee, Matt and Chell swim themselves out of this love triangle? Will Friendship, Love and Honor get swept by this fresh tsunami?

More exciting waves kept coming up…So, stay awake and stay tuned to find out more.

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