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Lady Lhaor-Orn

Additional Info

  • Years:  2010
  • Type:  Drama
  • Length:  Airing
  • Main actors:  Phiyada Akkaraseranee,saharat sangkraprecha,poothanert Hongmanope, son songpaisarn, Ornjira Leamwilai
  • Director:  Paorn Jantharasiri


“Lhaor orn” is a particular lady living through 5 period of monarchy. There has been a lot in her life which make her undergo marriages for 3 times. Surrounded people have eyes on her very carefully. Still, she finally has herself acceptable by living valuably and gracefully.

Lhaor orn is a beautiful daughter of Sir Worapan and Lady Jamriang, yet her mother passed away since she was so young. Her Auntie, Jaruay brought her in the palace since then. She graduates from manner-training girl school and live as a royal highness’ service in palace ever since. She becomes one of woman courtiers out of the question. Later on, she gets married with “Yod Platorn”. But once she is disappointed with marriage life, she has got courage to leave him and escapes from “Platorn Family”, then live lonely as a proud widow.

When it comes to her second marriage, it seems everyone wonders if she could get as rich and honorable as the former. However they got surprised when her new husband fully outclassed her past one.

Lhaor orn is happy with her fine and dependable husband. Yet, when her second husband was dead, she has got enough rational reasons for the third marriage. He is a noble, single doctor from the North. It doesn’t seem he is compatible with a widow with kids in any ways.

Lhaor orn has lived a delightful life, and at the same time coped with the hardships in life in terms of balancing righteous and suitability. She has to face all the sensuality and jealousy involved her in moments of her living. What is the conclusion in the end…to be continued in Lady Lhaor orn.

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