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Chocolate sweethearts

Additional Info

  • Region:  China
  • Years:  2010
  • Type:  Comedy, Love
  • Length:  40 Mins x 28 Episode.
  • Main actors:  Worawet Danuwong....as Tawad Cheeranat Yusanon.... as Foon Jarinporn Junkeart……as Thicha Sean Jindachot……as Pey
  • Director:  Komkrit treevimol


From now on, there will be five seasons for everyone’s love: summer, winter, lonely, love

Foon is a tomboy girl who loves making all kinds of chocolate bakery. Foon is delighted with helping decorate a chocolate bakery store she hopes to open with her nice and good-looking boyfriend with whom she has fallen in love because of chocolate. His name is Pay. Pay is not less obsessed with chocolate than Foon. However, while she is excited with the upcoming opening of the store, Pay suddenly breaks up with her. She never expected this day would come. Since that moment, Foon’s life has been devastated and can never be the same again.

A few hundred meters away from Foon, Tawat, a charming guy, is teasing Tisha his girlfriend. Tisha comes to tell him that she’s breaking up with him the hundredth time. Before that, Tisha succumbed and always forgave him. But this time it is different. Tisha really means business because she can’t stand Tawat being flirty any more. This time Tisha cries heavily whereas Tawat is still cheerful and unworried.

Foon backs away from the store and decides not to deal with anything that is chocolate because it will remind her of Pay. The more she thinks of him, the angrier she is. Foon isolates herself and goes home, doing nothing but blaming herself. The news of Pay having a new girlfriend comes into Foon’s ear, causing her constant heartache. Foon keeps blaming herself until one day Foon can’t find any reason to do so anymore. Thus, Foon regains her courage to ask Pay to be reconciled with her.

Tawat is not happy for so long. Without Tisha, his life seems to lack something. Tawat starts to appreciate Tisha. He intends to improve himself for Tisha, but first he needs to ask her to be reconciled with him.

Meanwhile, the chocolate store is still romantically aromatic as usual, but one owner that is left is Pay. Though Pay is the one who broke up with Foon, he is not less hurt. Today, due to the favor of destiny, Pay meets Tisha, his high school friend, who asks for a job as the first and only employee of the store. Both of them need to spend time together, and though they are not yet ready for a new love, it unexpectedly arrives.

Foon arrives at the store with the intention to be reconciled with Pay, but finds him with Tisha. Upon realizing that Tisha is close to Pay, her ex-boyfriend, her pain becomes vengeance. Tawat also intends to come to ask Tisha to be reconciled with him, but he becomes disappointed when he finds Tisha is teasing with Pay. Tisha won’t be reconciled. Hurt and bitter, it is so unbearable for Tawat that he keeps looking for ways to make Tisha love him again.

Foon carefully plans to bully Tisha, and almost succeeds; however, Tawat, who is finding ways to bully Pay, accidentally ruins Foon’s plan. Both of their plans backfire each other all the time and none of them succeeds. This scenario happens so many times that both of them dislike each other very much. Until one day, they find out that they pursue the same goal: causing a division between Tisha and Pay. Since then, Foon and Tawat have called for a truce and joined their hands for the specific mission. Let’s cross our hearts and encourage their screw up mission in Chocolate sweethearts.