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The Tale of the Royal seamstress

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  • Years:  2011
  • Type:  Love, Drama
  • Length:  45 Min x 36 Episode
  • Main actors:  Janine Chang as Huang Qiao Er / Huang Dao Po Lu Zi Yi as young Huang Qiao Er Yuan Hong as Lin Mu Fei Liu Shi Shi as Princess Zhao Jia Yi Edwin Siu as Fang Ning Amy Chan as Rong Xiu Man Damian Lau as Feng Jiu Jin Cheng Pei Pei as Fang Dai Shi Tao Hui Min as Wen Ruo Lan Dai Chun Rong as Auntie Guan Li Qian as Tao Qian Qian Han Xiao as Cheng Nian Xiang Xu Qi Wen as Hu Xiao Mei Li Jin Ming as He Xiao Yi Zheng Guo Lin as Fang Bao Jerry Chang as Huang Zhen Yao Tang Yi Fei as Consort Han Guo Xiao Ting as A Ya
  • Director:  Lee Guo Li


Born in a poverty-stricken family, Huang Qiao'er lost her parents at an early age. She was raised by her aunt, who taught her textile arts. While growing up in a weaving mill, Huang develops a close bond with the neighboring dyehouse owner's son, Fang Ning, who is in love with her. The outstanding results produced by Jinxiu Mill's weavers earn them an opportunity to work in the palace. Through her friendship with the emperor's niece, Zhao Jiayi, Huang is able to access the palace's study thus gaining more knowledge of her craft from its collection beyond of what she has learned from her aunt. However, the Jinxiu Mill's weavers also become embroiled in a power struggle between the emperor's concubines, in addition to their rivalry with the Iridescent Cloud Mill's weavers, who are also working there.

While in the palace, Huang falls in love with general Lin Mufei, at the expense of sacrificing her friendship with the princess. Lin himself also rejects the princess's affections, due to his prejudice against the imperial family members resulted by their corruption despite his vows to protect Song Dynasty in additions of being in love with Huang. However, Fang Ning has his legs crippled while saving Huang from being raped by Zhao Zhe, a corrupt official, during Lin's absence as he's in the battlefield. Feeling guilty for Fang's plight and hearing rumours that Lin had been killed in battle, Huang decides to marry Fang out of pity for him. However, Lin has actually survived and he becomes heartbroken when he sees Huang marrying Fang. This complicates the love triangle between him, Huang and Zhao Jiayi. Not long later, the Song Dynasty is conquered by the Mongol Empire, who establish the Yuan Dynasty. Lin is traumatized after experiencing a series of personal misfortunes and tragedies, and he decides to focus on protecting Zhao Jiayi and her surviving family members as well as liberating China from the Mongols' rule. While battling their enemies, Lin and Zhao begin to develop a closed bond and affectionate relationship while taking care of each other. While fleeing the new reality created by the Mongols' conquest, Huang encounters more extraordinary teachers and experiences thus becomes a talented artisan.

After Fang Ning has passed away, Huang finally resolving the love triangle problem with Lin and Zhao after she reunites with them. Huang also realizes her dream of revolutionizing the art of textile weaving and manufacturing, for the benefit of her people. With support from her family and friends, Huang becomes a pioneer of the Chinese textile industry. After numerous battles against the Yuan forces, Lin and Zhao realize that their enemies' tyrannical governance are currently too powerful and is not yet the time for the resistance to overthrow. Admitting the situations in additions of averse of the violence and tragedies in their lives, they decide to retire and live in seclusion.

Three years later, Lin Mufei and Zhao Jiayi are married and return to the city of Lin'an after periods of hiding. At this point, the Jinxiu Mill and Fang Family Dyehouse have accepted many apprentices and business successes, and Huang Qiao'er fulfilled her purpose in life with her great achievements.

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