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  • Region:  Thailand
  • Years:  2008
  • Type:  Terror, Suspense, Thriller
  • Length:  90 Mins
  • Main actors:  Ananda Everingham,Mai Charoenpura
  • Director:  Torphong Tankamhaeng


Have you ever waken up one day and wondered that the life you’re now experiencing is a real one or just a dream? Sometimes…many people wish what they see when they open their eyes is just a dream.

Where is the line separating the real thing from the imagined one?

As long as everyone tries to think…tries to do…So that whenever they wake up…they will find that the life that they see… the life that is…is the best one. Despite the fact that…the world that is waiting for them…might not be even close to what they think is good. Which is the best way to live a life? To be happy in a dream world that we created….Or accept the truth that is painful.

It happens one night when the police are informed that people heard a scream of a girl from a house, and that she is suspected of being hurt. The police arrive at the house to find that its owner is a 30-year-old woman who just moved in with her 7-year-old daughter. The kid shows symptoms of mental illness. Her arms are bruised. The mother refuses to have her daughter sent for a medical check-up. However, due to legal condition, she has to take her daughter to see a psychiatrist. And that is the first time Krit meets Ing-On and the poor neurotic girl “Phrae”

During the treatment Ing-On tells Krit about Phrae’s symptoms of hallucination and paranoid. However, the girl insists that she has been harassed by the evil spirit of a boy. Krit sympathizes with Phrae because she is of the same age as his child. But the closer Krit gets to this family, the more he feels that the house has some mysterious ambience and there are some inexplicable things happening: the sudden change of Ing-On’s emotional status; her strange way of raising her daughter, and the mysterious fingerprints on Phrae’s arms. Krit has to find out the answer as to who or what caused them.

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