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Pang-Pond Future World

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  • Years:  2002
  • Length:  11minutes x10episode


PangPond, a lovely highly imaginative character who spins your world around all the way long. Now, he is back in town together with his new fantasy and marvelous friends, which this time they will be more imaginative, more excitement and more adorable in the 3D animation.

This story begins with PangPond awakening up in the midst of the night and running after his Uncle Ghost to the graveyard. And without any hint, this going-out is leading them to the great adventure in the future world 500 years away from now. And in this future world, PangPond meets a new good friend who is truly clever and genuine hero, Little Hanuman who has traveled from his era, 2000 year before. Then both become as good partners together with Big, PangPond’s clumsy self-boasting dog. Now, it’s their time to go exploring in this future world.

- Exhibition in Guang Chou Animation International Festival 2005
- MIFED 2004

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