4 Angies

Additional Info

  • Years:  2007
  • Type:  3D Animation
  • Length:  11 Min x 24 Ep.


Four girl who quadruple the fun, ready to party now!

At the peaceful "Angel Town", the funny-happy-fantasy stories are about to begin..Meet the 4 hottest charactors, inspired by the real popular TV host from "Women to Women" program in Thailand. However, they come in the version of 10-year-old kids.

The happiness starts when a bold girl named KALAMARE, a beautiful girl named KAI CHAN, a bashful girl name NINA, and a bossy girl name AUNTY PUI,become close friends and from a girl gang named "4 ANGIES" 4 ANGIES keep themselves busy with things around school life, such as the vigorous rules from the headmaster, the nuisance from "X4" gang, who think they are the coolest (actually the clueless) gangster in town, and the high-society act from"Paris", the jet set student. 4ANGIES need to use their little magic to get through all the situations.

All flavors are combined in this story..action comedy to thriller comedy, laugh'till you weep and get emotional'till you cry. Their friendship is really something to make 4 ANGIES the new angels for everyone in your family.

This is the cutest and funniest 3D Animation that rocks Thailand with the highest TV rating among the children programs. Now they are ready to go abroad and entertain all children in your country.

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