Additional Info

  • Years:  2008
  • Length:  Season 1 (52 Episode x 15 Min)


Shelldon Episode.1

Title : Inn Deep Trouble

Shelldon and his family moves into Shell land to take over the running of the Charming Clam Inn. Unfortunately the inn is currently inhabited. Albeit illegally. By a bunch of unsavory. Heavy metal playing. Biker thug fishes. Who refuse to give up the place without putting up a fight.

Shelldon Episode.2

Title : Shell Gone

Herman convinces Shelldon to give-up his shell for a flashy new substitute. All in the name of fusion. But when his new gizmo of a shell breaks apart, casting him into trouble and humiliation. Shelldon and friends must embark on a perilous quest to recover his natural shell, deep into the dark and dangerous kelp forest.

Shelldon Episode.3

Title : Slime, Crime and Hard Time

A crime has been committed and shelldon’s father, papa has been fingered as the perpetrator. Worse still the Charming Clam inn has been cordoned off as a crime scene. Leaving the Clam family homeless. Smelling something terribly fishy. Shelldon and friends decide to carry out some sleuthing of their own in an attempt to clear Papa’s name. What they soon uncover, is that not everything, or everyone, is what they appear to be…