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    Han Media Culture (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established in year 2000. In year 2003, Our company successively lunched it’s branches in Hong Kong and Guang Zhou. Our purpose is to promote the cultural communication among China mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Asia and all round the world. Presently, our main business fields cover: being agency and distributing the copyright of movies and TV programs; TV co-production service; managing artists; and TV advertising agency. Through Thailand, Hong Kong and Guang Zhou, our company covers the distribution network through Asia, and event organization. Furthermore, good relationship was built among TV stations of countries, and TV program & film production companies.


    Film Distribution, International Film Market & Festivals:

    In the TV and Movie festival on June 2002, it is the first time for organized committee to evaluate the movie activities hold by China mainland, which have Thailand companies participated. It brought surprised and plentiful movies and TV programs which made people felt fresh.

    After that, our company made a contract with CCTV (China Central Television Station). The first Thai movie was broadcasted in CCTV-6 (movie channel) in year 2002. The first Thai TV series was broadcasted in CCTV-8 (TV series channel) in 2006 for 3 times. Reactions of audiences are warm. For the aspect of Thai TV series, many of them, such as < Phoenix Blood >, , , have broadcasted in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan and other areas. All got good reaction from audiences.

    At present, company responds on publishing several Thai movies which will reach to the Chinese audiences through TV, music and movie channel. Goble broadcasted movie was played by the hottest action actor in Thailand—Tong Jarr. This movie gained good revenue from ticket office from Asia and Occident. which supervised by Oxide Pang (who is a Hong Kong people but visit Thailand very often) has published successfully in South Asia, Occident and other areas. was invited to broadcast and join the movie competition by Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Korea, United Kingdom, United State and other counties’ movie festivals. and other Thai movies gained good reputations from The Far East movie festival of Canada and Shang Hai movie festival.

    Han Media (Thailand) does not only promote the proud result of Thai movie products to the world, but also are good at importing the Chinese movies to Thailand local area and perimeter of South Asia.

    By the channel of establishing good relationship with Chinese suppliers, Han Media import copyright of Chinese movies: , , ; Chinese TV Series: , , , and so on have broadcasted in Thai TV channel sequentially. Thai audiences show great interest for them. Music and Video field also have good performance. Chinese modern urban series , life light comedy , swordsmen series are broadcasting in Thailand now. Adapted from Zhou Xing Chi’s homonymous comedy , < Kung Fu Beggar>, and swordsmen series will broadcaster soon. Chinese movies or TV series are more and more famous in Thailand. Han Media would like to recommend more and better Chinese movies and series to Thailand and South Asia’s audiences.

    Our company joined Beijing Television Week, Shanghai TV Series and Movie Festival, Changchun Festival, Sichuan Festival, Hong Kong Filmart, BCWW Show, MIFED, Cannes Markets 2004/2005, American Film Market, Bangkok Film Festival & Market respectively. We got nice achievement and warm welcome.

    Through international published network we built now, we wish we could establish published relationship with Chinese domestic outstanding film makers and to open more extensive space for your movie productions by using our international sales team.


    Our company is pointed by Thailand Movie Bureau (subordinate ministry of Thailand Tourism and Sports ministry) that we have qualification to assist foreign movie Produce Company to shoot movies, TV series, advertisements and topical film. Our company could provide place, interpreter, equipment renting, applying for shooting admission and other services.

    We assist Sunshine TV to conduct interview of Beijing Buddha's relics oblation in Thailand. In 2003, we invested newsreel which got support from Thailand tourism Bureau. We also provide assistant for the series named < Bangkok in Rain >. Moreover, we made ending motif named together, and invited Thai movie, TV series and music star—Tong to song with Lv Xiao in 2002. This year (2007), we provide assistant to Guangxi TV to shoot an entertainment show named

    Event Organizor:

    In June of 2004, we cooperated with Beijing Stardisc Entertainment Co., Ltd. to organize Twelve Girls Band to congratulate on Queen’s birthday in Thailand. The strong Chinese culture mixing with modern feature gained great welcome in Thailand. Tickets were sold out in a short time. Several performance organizations are discussing with us about being agency of performance. We also hope to bring the traditional and modern Chinese culture to Thai and South Asia audiences. Let more people learn about Chinese culture. Bring Chinese culture to the world!

    ACHIEVEMENT 2007-2008 (Thai movie & TV. Series to the world market)

    2007 - Distribution "The Princess ” TV.Series to PTV (Taiwan) and Hunan TV (China) which has made Tik Jeatsadaporn becomes very famous in China now
    2007 - Cooperate with Muay thai promoter and Henan TV station made sino-thai friendship boxing match in Zheng zhou city, China
    2008 - Distribution " Battle of Angels in China and other asian countries TV network
    2008 - Dustribution "Ghost Doctor" sit-com from exact to Hua yu TV station in Hong Kong
    2008 - Distribution "The letter of death and Memory " in to Taiwan ,Singapore ,Malaysia ,Brunai ,
    Hong Kong cinema
    2008 - Distribution "Khan Kluay" movie in China mainland cinemas

    ACHIEVEMENT 2007-2008 (Distribution in Thailand)

    2007 - The legend of Chu Liu Xiang (Co-production : China,Korea,Taiwan) For Free TV. ,Pay TV & VDO
    2007 - The god of Cookery (Co-Production : China,Hong Kong) For Free Tv. ,Pay TV. & VDO
    2008 - X-Family (Taiwan) For Free TV. ,Pay TV. & VDO
    2008 - My best pals (Taiwan) For Pay TV.
    2008 - The fate of love (China) For Pay TV.
    2008 - Brown Sugar Macchiato (Taiwan) For Pay TV.